Works credit comparison: where to find the best rate?


We will find in our works credit comparison the best offers to finance both a small decoration as a complete rehabilitation (insulation, electricity, heating…) or the construction of an extension or a swimming pool.

NB: We will not discuss here the tax credit part for renovation works (see tax sheet), neither the zero loan eco-loan part (eco PTZ) nor the part concerning works in the framework of ‘a real estate purchase with works. For this last point, you must use our loan comparator by selecting “Mortgage loan”.

How the works credit comparison works

How the works credit comparison works

The comparative work credit that we offer makes it possible to obtain a ranking of the best rates from the largest lending organizations, whatever the amount and duration. He will be able to easily confront the credits of artisans, those offered by banks or even in DIY stores.

In addition, we have developed an exclusive system that allows a principle response without commitment from the cheapest organization. This automatic system allows you to know if the file is really eligible for the best rate. In addition, it is possible to also query the organizations classified 2nd and 3rd cheaper. The answer is given in less than 45 seconds.

Why go through a works credit comparison?

Why go through a works credit comparison?

It is important to indicate the savings possibilities when you go through a work credit comparator. In view of the average costs of work in a house or apartment, we have chosen to take as an example works with a credit amount of 10,000 USD over 60 months. Here is what our comparative work loan gives:

  • Best fixed taeg rate: 4.50% monthly payment: 186.02 USD cost of credit: 1161.20 USD
  • Worst fixed taeg rate: 7.38% monthly payment: 198.68 USD cost of credit: 1920.80 USD

Our work credit comparison saves more than 750 USD by avoiding going to a big name for credit for nothing. It is clear that finding the best job credit rate is not a mere fad but has direct consequences on the budget of a household. Among the extreme cases, if you take a work loan of 30,000 USD over 84 months, the differences can go up to more than 3,300 USD!

Compare the work credit of banks, craftsmen and shops

Compare the work credit of banks, craftsmen and shops

Compare the work loan of banks

The banks also offer work loans, and they can be attractive in certain cases. First of all, you must have a good relationship with your banker and above all a good record. As the banks are less specialized than the credit organizations, they take less risk than the latter. The consequence is direct on the rate of acceptance of the files.

What we recommend to customers who think that their bank is in a position to make them an attractive proposition, is to use our credit comparison works to obtain the best offer on the market from specialists. By obtaining this offer, negotiation with the bank will be much simpler: either the banker is ready to grant a work loan at a better rate, or you already have the best offer in your hands.

Comparison of work loan / craftsman credit

The craftsmen who carry out the work can offer craftsman credits. Indeed, specialized credit organizations such as Sofinco or Financo or others have adapted their offers so that they can be distributed to customers by intermediaries such as artisans but also garages, shops, etc.

In this way, the craftsmen who will carry out the work are able to offer a loan. For our part, it is impossible to integrate these offers into our comparative work credit because there can exist as many as there are craftsmen. However, what we can say is that on average they are more expensive than the market because generally, the craftsman receives a commission. However, large construction companies can sometimes offer promotional rates. To be sure you get the best rate, we recommend applying the same method as with banks.

First, get a credit comparison from the best deals from the largest lenders. Then check at what rate you can get an agreement in principle and finally see what the craftsman can offer.

We draw the utmost vigilance on artisanal credit because there is really everything. As much a house work credit involving too much work will naturally have special attention given the amounts involved. But we must also be wary of scams such as a change of front door by an armored car which not only will overcharge the service but risk of ‘use the credit to pass the pill… Using a credit comparison work will verify at least a few points like the rate…

Compare the work credit of specialized stores

Large DIY stores such as Leroy Merlin or Castorama can also offer work loans. Their offers are generally of 2 types: store credit cards and work credit assigned to a specific sale.

Store credit cards, like the Leroy Merlin card, can buy what you want in the store and will be usable as the work progresses, which makes it of great interest, especially for the part loyalty. However, these cards generally have 2 major drawbacks. The first is that these cards are very expensive revolving credit, the rates generally vary from 11% to 20% revisable taeg rate, no need to go through a comparative credit work to realize this. The other problem is that these credits are limited to small amounts, generally at most a credit of 3000 USD, generally too short to finance works.

The works credit of the stores in the form of an amortizable loan is not included in our works credit comparison for the same reasons as the craftsmen credits. But in addition, in most cases, they limit themselves to being able to finance purchases made in the store. Unfortunately, if the work involves paying craftsmen or there are several suppliers of materials, things will get very complicated.

The specifics of the works loan

The specifics of the works loan

The loans that appear in our works credit comparison are repayable loans allocated to a sale for any request from 5,000 to 40,000 USD. Depreciable means that the repayment period, the rate and the monthly payments are fixed upon signing and that they will not move. Affected means that the amount made available should only be used for work (and not to buy a car for example). It is for this reason that to obtain it, you will have to provide proof of work.

The big advantage is that it is cheaper than the personal loan, which can allow it to finance what you want without having to justify it. Our simulator also offers a personal credit comparison. But to obtain a work credit comparison, you must select “work loan” in the type of project.

If the work requires financing less than or equal to 4000 USD then our work credit comparator provides the ranking of the cheapest revolving credit offers. Because below this amount, this type of credit is very generally cheaper than the assigned depreciable works credit rate.

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