Consumer credit rate: all the best APR rate per project.

The rate of consumer credit is expressed in APR, or annual percentage rate. Only a credit comparator based on the APR rate is able to honestly compare all consumer credit offers (personal loan, car loan or work, etc). Our consumer loan simulator allows you to find the best APR rate for each project, but especially suitable monthly payments to all budgets.

Credit rate for consumption: the reference of the APRC

Credit rate for consumption: the reference of the APRC

The credit rate APR (annual percentage rate) is the legal basis for comparison of all consumer credit. As a percentage, it takes into account all the costs of credit. The APR rate and includes:

  • Interest Credit 
  • Any application fees
  • All additional costs if any

The APR rate must be communicated transparently by all players credit for consumption (agencies, banks, insurers, dealers). Designed to protect the consumer, it easily identifies the best offer. Compare our credit is based on the APR rate to determine what is the best credit.

The rate of credit is usually a fixed APR, which means it will never change. Only the revolving rate incorporates an APR rate notes. The rate can change in this case, especially when the money available on the reserved reused.

Beware of promotional rates

Some consumer credit rates very low hiding quick repayment period, involving high monthly payments. The lower rate must be adequate repayment duration. These two criteria should be considered when making its application for credit conso. A credit application involving excessive monthly payments is likely to be refused. And when credit is denied at the best rates, the lender can easily provide a higher, or extend the repayment term. In both cases, the cost of credit will be more important!

Special operations at promotional rates are mainly intended to draw attention. The example of the car manufacturers advertising is most telling. They usually highlight a car “from x $” displaying a generally very affordable sum. But when one examines the conditions, we realize that these are eg solutions LOA (hire-purchase), the rate is often much more important than that of a classic car credit. The free credit (0% APR) is also offered by some stores. It is in this case an interesting offer, but generally associated with very short repayment duration. It fa

Comparison of consumer credit rates

Comparison of consumer credit rates

The consumer credit encompasses much of projects known to French:

  • Auto / motorcycle credit
  • Personal loan
  • A credit auto
  • A need money
  • Revolving credit
  • The repurchase of credits

We used our credit comparator to put on the table all the levels of the best specialists online (Sofinco rates, Cofidis, Cetelem, etc.). Our experience shows in fact that the credit agencies offer the vast majority of the time the credit rate to the most interesting consumption than those of banks, insurers and auto dealers. They also offer you a quick credit, taking advantage of electronic signature system.

Credit rate car online

Credit rate car online

The credit auto / motorcycle focuses much of online loan applications. Compare the new car credit rates, simulating a loan of $ 8000 and $ 15 000 credit. The repayment periods (24 months, 48 ​​months, 60 months) also differ. Our comparison indicates the best consumer credit rate for self in online credit agencies, and the average of the top three rankings.

APR fixed rate credit car 8000 $ 24 months 36 months 48 months
Best Organization 1.70%
Monthly fees: 339.22 $
Total cost of the credit: $ 141.28
Monthly fees: 232.16 $
Total cost of the credit: $ 357.76
Monthly fees: 176.90 $
Total cost of the credit: $ 491.20
Average rate* 3.32%
Monthly fees: 344.82 $
Total cost of the credit: $ 275.00
Monthly fees: 235.88 $
Total cost of the credit: $ 477.00
Monthly fees: 180.10 $
Total cost of the credit: $ 645,00
APR fixed rate auto credit 15 000 $      
Best Organization 1.70%
Monthly fees: 636.04 $
Total cost of the credit: $ 264.96
Monthly fees: 434.02 $
Total cost of the credit: $ 624.72
Monthly fees: 176.90 $
Total cost of the credit: $ 491.20
Average rate* 2.87%
Monthly fees: 643.66 $
Total cost of the credit: $ 448.00
Monthly fees: 235.88 $
Total cost of the credit: $ 477.00
Monthly fees: 180.10 $
Total cost of the credit: $ 645,00

The credit rate car are interesting, especially in the case of a credit car / new motorcycle. There is still that there is a significant gap between the best offer and the average rate of the three best agencies. This means that two of the most renowned organizations, it is possible to pay two to three times more interest on the car loan.

Good to know: you have mostly provide vehicle sales receipt (purchase order, invoice) for a car / motorcycle new credit.

Best personal loan rates

Best personal loan rates

The online personal loan another well-known product of consumer credit. No proof of use of the money, it allows for a multitude of projects (travel, buying a car from an individual, marriage, etc.). The personal loan is easily comparable: all organizations have solutions. Use our Compare to simulate a vote 10 000 over a repayment term of 1 to 5 years (60 months) to be projected on a credit application.

For a personal loan of 10,000 $ Best fixed APR rate Average rate
Over 12 months 1%
Monthly installments: $ 837.83
Cost of credit: $ 53.96
Monthly fees: 843.02 $
Credit Cost: $ 116.00
Over 24 months 3.29%
Monthly installments: $ 430.88
Cost of credit: $ 341.12
Monthly fees: 436.61 $
Credit Cost: $ 479.00
Over 36 months 3.59%
Monthly installments: $ 293.16
Cost of credit: $ 553.73
Monthly fees: 299.17 $
Credit Cost: $ 770.00
Over 48 months 3.30%
Monthly installments: 222.45 $
Cost of credit: $ 677.60
Monthly fees: 226.78 $
Credit Cost: $ 885.00
Over 60 months 3.45%
Monthly fees: 181.45 $
Credit cost: 887,00 $
Monthly fees: 186.16 $
Credit costs: $ 1169.00

The finding on the personal credit is the same as for credit auto: the APR rates are highly variable. Use a credit comparator is a must for getting the best credit suitable for all projects.

Consumer credit rates work

The work credit is a credit requested. The amount can sometimes soar, as when credit extension is necessary. The rate of the loan for work are usually very interesting. It should however, as the new car credit, provide realization of proof (invoice of the craftsman, purchase order). Let’s look at the best barometer rate loan works.

  Over 24 months Over 48 months month Over 72 months month
Best APR rates for the work loan $ 10,000 1.70% fixed APR
Monthly installments: $ 424.03
Cost of credit: $ 176.72
2.90% fixed APR
Monthly installments: $ 220.73
Cost of credit: $ 595.04
3.89% fixed APR
Monthly installments: 155.64 $
Cost of credit: $ 1,206.08
Best APR rates for the works loan $ 20,000 1.70% fixed APR
Monthly installments: $ 848.06
Cost of credit: $ 353.44
2.70% fixed APR
Monthly installments: $ 439.75
Cost of credit: $ 1,108.00
3.50% fixed APR
Monthly payments: $ 307.87
Cost of credit: $ 2,166.64

Note that consumer credit rates are more interesting work than the average personal loan in equivalent borrowing conditions. It is important to carry out a credit application with maturities will be acceptable. Few individuals are indeed able to repay $ 848.06 per month in the case of a $ 10,000 loan over 24 months.

Revolving credit rate: the APR revisable

Revolving credit is an exception for the consumer credit rates. If it sometimes appears well a fixed APR rate for a first application, the revolving credit rate is an adjustable APR. Revolving credit is mostly a little credit, less than 4000 $. Here’s what to remember about credit rates renewable consumption:

  • It is widely offered by stores via their card payment and loyalty (Fnac card, Auchan, Baker, etc.).
  • Its APR rate is adjustable, which means that the contract terms may change.
  • Revolving credit rates are high, around 20% on average.
  • Revolving credit is a reusable ready in time. Its APR rate notes indicates that it can be changed.

On our comparator, all need money of 4,000 $ or less displays the best revolving credit solutions.

Monthly payment: how is calculated the rates?

The repurchase credit is a credit product for consumption. The purchase is to consolidate multiple loans, in order to make them easier monthly installments rembourser. Less credit redemption rates vary. They depend on the situation at the time of the request, and the repayment term. To perform a loan consolidation simulation, select “buy credits” on our form.

How to get the best credit rates for consumption?

How to get the best credit rates for consumption?

Online credit agencies typically offer the best credit rates for consumption. It is possible that some privileged customers get an offer within their bank or car dealership. Here are our tips for certainly the best credit rates for consumption: 

  1. Perform simulation credit on our credit comparator and get a first positive opinion for the best rates.
  2. Fill a non-binding request and see the final consumer credit rates proposed for the project.
  3. Connecting with others may offer a similar credit (bank, car dealership).
  4. Present the consumer credit rate granted online and compare offers.
  5. If the credit rate for consumption obtained online is unbeatable, it is the best.
  6. The organization brings its definitive answer as fast (average 48 hours), and triggers the start of the withdrawal period *.

The withdrawal period is 14 days from the date of final acceptance of credit by the lender, be it an organization or other lender.

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