Best consumer credit: the lowest rates for each project

There is no better consumer credit, but several types of loans more or less adapted to each situation. We will see that the search for the best credit begins with understanding the offers. Then, it is essential to use a credit comparator to avoid paying too much.

Best consumer credit, on what criteria?

Best consumer credit, on what criteria?

A consumer credit designates any loan of an amount greater than 200 USD and / or whose repayment duration exceeds 90 days. To find the best consumer credit, you must start by looking for one that is suitable for your situation. Our table details everything you need to know about the various consumer credit products.

Type of credit requested What there is to know
New car / motorcycle loan
  • Proof of purchase or purchase order required
  • Low fixed APR rate
Used car / motorcycle loan
  • Credit with proof (order form)
  • Fixed APR rate slightly less attractive than for a new car loan
Personal loan
  • Credit without proof of use of money
  • Fixed APR rate very variable from one organization to another
Need money or loan all projects
  • Credit without proof. Rates identical to those of the personal loan for any request> 4000 $.
Works loan
  • Proof of achievement or order form required
  • Very advantageous fixed APR rate
Redemption of credits
  • Proof of credits in progress. This credit is suitable for grouping several credits into one monthly installment that is easier to repay
Any credit request <4000 $ on our comparator
  • Proposal of the best revolving credit solutions without proof of use.

Conditions vary widely from one loan to another. A revolving credit simulation will not display the same rates as a personal loan comparison. As for the car loan or the work loan, they generally involve providing proof (order form, craftsman’s invoice) in order to benefit from it.

How much, for how long?

Once the loan most suited to his need for money is clearly identified, it is important to choose an amount suitable for the project, as well as a consistent repayment duration. In general, the APR rate of a loan is lower when it is reimbursed over short periods. However, the monthly payments will be higher. The main thing is to find the right balance. The best consumer credit is above all the one that allows you to carry out your project, while ensuring repayment without incident or risk of debt.

Best consumer credit = lowest APR rate

The APR rate (what is the APR?) Is associated with all consumer credit offers. This legal rate is used to calculate the real cost of a loan. Once related to the repayment duration and the amount, it represents the key to calculating the amount of interest. Being interested in the APR rate is essential in the search for the best consumer credit. It is the only reliable indicator, serving the consumer. This is why our credit comparator only displays its ranking on this basis.

Who offers the lowest consumer credit rates?

Who offers the lowest consumer credit rates?

The lowest credit rates are usually found online. Our experience as a comparator allows us to see on a daily basis how far credit organizations have gotten ahead of banks on the question of the best consumer credit. Competition between all credit specialists offers the possibility of comparing, and obtaining an advantageous rate.

Online credit is above all accessible to everyone, without the need to become a customer or join anything. Conventional or online banks, on the other hand, condition obtaining a loan by opening a current account. You should also be aware that banks only lend at advantageous rates to their most stable and financially comfortable historical customers.

Regarding car / motorcycle dealers, their offers are mainly focused on LOA solutions. Manufacturers’ new or used car loans are rarely more attractive than those of online specialists. The protections are identical, represented by the legal withdrawal period and the guarantee of cancellation of the loan in the event of a delivery failure or deterioration noted at the time of receipt.

Comparison of consumer credit rates

Let us play the game of a comparison of APR rates, in order to measure the differences between the credit organizations. We have excluded banks from our loan simulation, since their rates are only very rarely attractive.

Best consumer credit without proof

The personal loan and the revolving credit are the two credits implying no proof of use to be provided. In great demand, they are also offered at rates that are sometimes very variable from one organization to another. Let’s use our credit comparison tool to find out.

Personal loan simulation 10,000 USD over 48 months:

Comparison of personal loan rates $ 10,000 over 48 months Fixed APR rate Monthly fees Total cost of credit
Organization n ° 1 2.90% 220.73 $ 595.04 $
Organization 2 3.90% 225,04 $ 801.92 $
Organization n ° 3 5.70% 232,82 $ 1175.36 $

It is more difficult to display a revolving credit simulation, since the organizations operate with a system of repayment speeds. Some specialists offer for example this small credit from 10 or 12 months, while others will offer a first installment from 16 months. Our comparator displays the cheapest solutions for any request for revolving credit, but is also interested in the chances of receiving a positive opinion. Any request for an amount less than or equal to 4000 USD redirects to the best small revolving credit solutions.

What is the best work credit?

The best consumer credit for carrying out work is generally – and logically – a work loan. This type of credit is offered at more advantageous rates than those of the loan without proof (personal loan, revolving credit), but implies having the capacity to provide proof. This document is usually a quote or an invoice from the craftsman. To carry out work yourself, it is better to opt for a personal loan or a small revolving credit.

The following comparison is a good illustration of how variable the loan rates for works vary from one organization to another.

For a work loan of $ 10,000 over 48 months APR rate Monthly fees Total cost of credit
Organization n ° 1 2.90% 220.73 $ 595.04 $
Organization 2 3.15% 221.81 $ 646.88 $
Third body 3.30% 222.45 $ 677.60 $
Organization n ° 4 5.70% 232,82 $ 1175.36 $
Organization n ° 5 5.85% 233.47 $ 1206.56 $

It is important to perform a credit simulation online with immediate response to learn more about its ability to borrow at the lowest rate.

Best consumer credit for auto / motorcycle

The best consumer loan to finance a vehicle is a car / motorcycle loan. Offered by all online credit specialists, it involves providing a vehicle purchase order. The rates for the best car loan are very attractive, however, on the same principle as the work loan.

Best consumer credit with immediate response

Best consumer credit with immediate response

Our comparator has been designed to offer an immediate response in principle to any credit request. Here’s how to get an agreement in principle at the best rate, without obligation:

1. Select the type of credit, the amount and the desired repayment period.
2. Complete the questionnaire in four simple steps.
3. Our comparator takes a tour of the APR rates of the day and establishes a classification on this sole criterion.
4. The best organization is immediately questioned and provides an answer in principle.
5. In the event of an immediate positive opinion (acceptability> 50%), the confirmation of the request is sent by email within 24 hours (without obligation).
6. In the event of an unfavorable opinion of the best consumer credit, it is possible to question the second organization, as well as the third. As many chances to obtain an immediate positive opinion without having to fill several forms on various sites.

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