Bank consumer credit without collateral

Fast Cheap Loan Bank is a deposit bank owned by Good Finance Central Cooperative. Fast Cheap Loan Bank is an internal bank within the Good Finance that provides Good Finance with the services they need.

This bank offers its customers, among other things. unsecured consumer loans, which we’ll cover in more detail in this article.

Bank Consumer Credit :


The consumer credit offered by Good Finance ranges from USD 2,000 up to USD 20,000. The applicant does not need to obtain any guarantors or collateral for the loan . The loan will be repaid within 1 to 10 years.

The loan is repaid once a month in accordance with the repayment program agreed in the loan agreement. However, if you wish, the customer can repay the loan more quickly at no additional cost.

Combine existing loans


With Good Finance Consumer Credit it is also possible to combine existing loans into one clearer and more affordable package.

  • A consumer credit can be applied for between 2000 and 20,000 USD
  • The payment period is 1-10 years.
  • Minimum age of service is 18 years
  • Personalized loan offer.
  • No collateral or personal guarantors are required for the loan.
  • Apply for a brand new bank loan or re-apply for an old loan.
  • You can also combine previous loans into one.

Interested in Good Finance Consumer Credit and want to start bidding for a loan?


Lady Macbeth helps the applicant apply for a loan by:

  • Click the button below
  • After completing your loan application, we will forward your loan application to Good Finance and 30 other loan providers
  • After a while you will receive the first loan quotes for comparison
  • Take a look at our offers and choose an affordable loan that fits your needs
  • Completion of the application and receipt of tenders shall not bind the applicant to any contract
  • After signing the loan agreement, the applicant is obliged to repay the loan in accordance with the loan terms and conditions

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